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Jenna Jaxon shares Excerpt 2 from Time Enough to Love

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jenna Jaxon!
Jenna sent me ten things you don't know about her 
and three fabulous excerpts.
So I decided to make this a six day event. This is blog two where we learn more new stuff about Jenna and her fabulous series.

Take it away Jenna!

6. I once got locked inside a cemetery after dark. I had been placing Christmas flowers on family graves and thought I had enough time.  Not. My husband had to call the police to come open the gates.

7.  My husband and I went to Egypt where I rode a camel and went down into a pyramid.  I have a picture where the hat I’m wearing makes me look like Indiana Jones.  Awesome experience!

8.  My parents each had ten siblings.  I, however, am an only child.

9.  My first publication was a poem called “The Open Door” that was published in the local newspaper when I was in third grade. Fortunately, I have switched to prose.

10.  For a year I fenced competitively and competed in the National Fencing Championship.  This was senior year in high school and I wanted to learn how to fight with a sword but couldn’t be in the club unless I fenced competitively.  So I gave it my best shot, although I never figured out strategy and kept forgetting to parry. I did, however, learn three weapons:  foil, epee, and saber.  It’s come in handy writing historical romances—there tends to be a lot of swordplay in them.  I wonder why? LOL

Blurb for Time Enough to Love

When Lady Alyse de Courcy is betrothed to Sir Geoffrey Longford, she has no choice but to make the best of a bad bargain. The hulking knight is far from her ideal man, and although he does possess some wit and charm, he is no match for the sinfully sensual man she secretly admires, Thomas, Earl of Braeton, her betrothed’s best friend. 

From the first, Sir Geoffrey finds himself smitten by Lady Alyse, and, despite her infatuation with his friend, vows to win her love. When Geoffrey puts his mind to wooing Alyse, he is delighted to find her succumbing to his seduction. But when cruel circumstances separate them, Geoffrey must watch helplessly as Thomas steps in to protect Alyse—and falls in love with her himself.

As the three courtiers accompany Princess Joanna to her wedding in Spain, they run headlong into the Black Plague. With her world plunged into chaos, Alyse struggles with her feelings for both the men she loves. But which love will survive?

“Thomas.” Alyse curtsied quickly then blurted out the fear she had fought almost since Geoffrey had left. “Is my lord well? Have you news for me?” Thanks to Anne and Margaret’s thoughtless comments, she had become convinced Geoffrey had fallen ill with Sir Robert’s ailment and now himself hovered between life and death.
Avoiding her eyes, he answered briefly. “Aye, my lady. When I left him, Geoffrey was well enough.”
While his words relieved her, a shadow still lay on her heart. If Geoffrey was not ill, why had Thomas’s manner changed? What had summoned this aloof stranger? He was withholding something from her.
“And Sir Roland?”
He hesitated, searching her eyes then looking away. He fisted his hands. “Sir Roland is…has…”
Alyse could stand it no longer. She crossed to stand directly before him, laid a cold hand upon his arm, and gripped it. “Tell me.”
That there was something he could not bring himself to tell her filled her with terror. He said Geoffrey was well enough when he left. What about now?
Before she could question him further, he drew out a folded piece of parchment, sealed with blue wax and stamped with a signet ring bearing Geoffrey’s family crest. She stared at it, a cold dread creeping through her.
“Geoffrey bade me place this in your hand and no other, my lady.” Thomas thrust the missive toward her.
Alyse compelled herself to hold her hand out.
He sighed. “He also bade me be at your service, lady, had you need of anything.” He gave the parchment into her hand. As he did so, she looked into his eyes and recognized the same pity she had seen in Princess Joanna’s.
Panic made her arms weak and her fingers numb. She forced her shaking hands to break the seal. Alyse unfolded the letter and slowly read the scratched and blurry words.
* * * *
In her bedchamber, Princess Joanna waited with Maurya, Anne, and Margaret. The women’s faces had changed from puzzlement to fear. Joanna looked from one maid to another, trying to hide her despondency. So many prayers had not been answered today.
Anne finally summoned the courage to ask, “Your Highness, what has happened?” She choked back tears. “I meant no harm, earlier. Indeed,” she crossed herself, “I wish Sir Roland and Sir Geoffrey long life.” She turned stricken eyes toward Joanna and whispered, “Is Sir Geoffrey—”
A wrenching wail of anguish shattered the hushed room, as though the very walls echoed the sound. The four women stood rooted to the floor at the almost-inhuman shriek of grief.
The sound cut off abruptly, and in the eerie silence that followed, they heard the soft thud of a body hitting the floor.


Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical and contemporary romance.  She has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets.  When not reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with local theatres as a director.  She often feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage.

Jenna is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America as well as President of Chesapeake Romance Writers, her local chapter of RWA.
She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate because once she starts she just can’t stop.

Find Jenna Jaxon online:


  1. I would love to learn to fence. It is a beautiful sport.

    1. I did love it, Melissa. And to do it competitively, you have to be in great shape which meant three workouts a week. Ugh! Still, I enjoyed myself immensely. Check and see if they have classes at your YMCA. It's never to late to learn. :)

  2. One of the things I've always wanted to do was learn to fence. One of the things I've always NEVER wanted to do was get locked in a cemetery. Why lock the gates? The patrons are going to escape.

    1. Not sure why they lock the gates, but they do lock them at dusk. You'd think they'd check to make sure no one living was left inside. Oh, well. I go at noon now. :)


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