Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saving Casey outdoes herself.

What a fabulous this week has been!
Saving Casey quickly rose in the ranks, reaching the top 100 in three sub-genres on the second day of promotions. 

(221 books were sold on day 2, thanks to Robin Reads and Book Gorilla.) ERNT and BookSender sold 164, then the extra sauce of being in the top 30 of a sub genre got me another 55 sales.  

I'm happy to report every promo pulled it's weight and more!

I captured Saving Casey's successes in pictures. She had a great deal to say about the company she was keeping:
Here, she's #22, but eventually she reached #16 on this day for General Humor. (Is that not the most boring category ever?)

She couldn't stand all the cheery blue and yellow covers. So I captured who she was hanging with in the toughest category, Romantic comedy.
Yes, I agree, she is having less fun than the others. But then she's different than most people. I mean who else dies and comes back in a teen's body? 

Soon Saving Casey moved up to #16
BUT AGAIN she had complaints about her company. Hey, at least, they aren't
yellow and light blue silly covers.
It is not uncommon that humorous books have happy covers. 

Later, she dropped a bit, but I thought she'd be happier with the company.

I was wrong. SIGH!

Okay, the hitwoman worries me. 
But I promised her I'd get her dog back.
This is the dog Cass had when she died:

And this is the puppy which will find her at the end of the book.

Clearly, that's a new pup, so what did Jess do during the time away from Casey? That is one of the many books I hope to write. 

On the 11th I had ERNT and BookSend promos. And they brought in 150. They came out near the same time, so it's hard to determine who sold what.

And finally Casey is thrilled with her book companion.
And look at the # for Douglas Adams: 42!!! (That's the meaning of life, the universe and everything for those who have failed to read this hilarious book.) It's both mine and Saving Casey's favorite book of all time.

Honestly, I was so happy for this moment that I don't care what Saving Casey does. We've had a special moment with Douglas Adams!!!

And that's not easy because Douglas died many years ago.
 Yet his fabulous book keeps selling and selling and selling.

If you haven't yet read Saving Casey, you really should buy it now on the cheap (99c). Here is what my March 9 & 10, & 11 2016 reviewers have said:

5* A great book that kept the pages turning. Interesting twist I have not read before.

5* Loved this book. Great premise and well written. The characters are brought to life well. A page turner.
5* Loved this book! Liza O'Connor really has a home run on this book!

5* Great book! Something different and enjoyed reading it

5* I'm always looking for unusual stories. Not the same old same old.when I read the description, I thought it sounded very interesting so I read the reviews and they were very favorable. I was caught right at the start and finished the book the same day. It is a very emotional, gripping story. I highly recommend it.
4 * (DINGED FOR THE GLOOMY COVER-I THINK) This book had a great, unusual premise. Even though the cover didn't draw me in as much, the synopsis totally did, so I picked it up and read it straight through without stopping. I love un-put-downable books like this! I was totally drawn into Cass/Casey's life as she struggled to learn the ropes of picking up life in a 17-year-old's body and trying to work with all the baggage the body's previous occupant left behind. A fascinating, fast-paced story.

For those that procrastinate. This offer ends when the clock stikes midnight pacific time at the close of March 13th. 

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  1. Hopefully all those people who bought Casey will also fall for The Long Road to Love people... They have a messed up life in the beginning too!


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