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Daryl Devore shares a bit about her next book.

What Happens in Bangkok 
– erotic contemporary romance –
 Daryl Devore

As far as rock star Darien Scott is concerned What Happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok.
What Happens in Bangkok is book 1 of a 3 book series that didn't start off that way. I don't write series. I prefer the simplicity of standalone books. How someone writes a 3, 6 or 9 book series baffles me - how to keep the plot points straight – keep who's who figured out. Yikes! It just breaks my brain.
Back in 2014, I started writing Book With No Name – because it didn't have a title. How I even started this one is a whole other blog post. But – I digress. I think I got to about chapter 8 and smashed into a wall. I'm a pantser. I write by the seat of my pants. I let the characters decided what’s going on and – usually - they carry me through. If I get stuck, I like the challenge of figuring out how to get the characters out of the mess they got themselves into.
Not this time. I got nowhere. It wasn't that I was suffering writer's block. When I couldn't finish Book With No Name – I wrote FL.E.S.H. and then the novella Braced for Impact for the Crashing into Love Box set. I put Book With No Name on the backburner of my brain. It's crowded in there. I dump a lot of things into that "will let this rumble around in my brain" file.
Then one day it hit. I don't remember what I was doing, but I suspect I was in yoga class. The solution to the problem was write a sequel – book 2. I wanted to keep the story about 60,000 words, but if I included every plot point my characters hinted at – it'd be an epic!! You know, like War and Peace – except with more sex and less psychological analysis.
Book 1 – What Happens in Bangkok – then finished itself. My fingers flew over the keys. Part way through book 2, book 3 announced itself. Crap!
Breathe. In for 4. Out for 6.
Book 2 finished, I cracked my knuckles and dug into book 3. Part way through – guess what – book 4 announced itself. I smashed my forehead on my laptop and wailed – NO!!!!! I can't do this it. I forced myself to settle for 3 books. Be done. That's it. Wipe hands on jeans. Kaput. Fini.
So why does the 4th book keep nattering at me from that file in the back of my brain?

I just sent What Happens in Bangkok off to the publisher, so it doesn't have a cover yet and this excerpt is raw as the edits haven't been sent back.

Erik leaned on the balcony railing and stared down at the crowd of patrons partying in her club. They were laughing and buying over-priced and watered-down booze, just the way it was supposed to be. The strobe lights bounced off the miles of glitter and tinsel, adding blinding sparkles to the atmosphere. Overhead, four massive disco balls turned, spitting out flashes of light, randomly illuminating either patrons or the leopard print wallpapered walls. And best of all, Bangkok was a half a world away from home, which couldn't be more perfect.
She'd made it through her second year. She hadn't expected to jump straight into an owner/managerial position, but the opening was there and she grabbed it. The learning curve had been steep, although she now felt like she had her feet on the floor and her head squarely on her shoulders. Life wasn't perfect, but it was good. She took a deep breath and enjoyed a sense of calmness.
"Hey, Boss Lady."
She shifted to look at Sebastian, her stage manager. His chest muscles bulged under his white t-shirt, the rips in his jeans hinted at strong thighs and the ever present headset rested on his scruffy brown hair. He sat on one hip and flipped a hand to point behind him. "It's just cray cray back there. Shangri–Lay's havin' a hissy fit."
Stifling the urge to pound her forehead on the brass railing, Erik asked, "What's the little diva's issue this time?"
"Well, she's screamin' somethin' 'bout Ra-chell took her pink scarf and the new eye shadow that matches it. Ra-chell says she didn't. She bought 'em this afternoon when she was out shoppin'. You know Ra-chell'nd shoppin'. She gets a paycheck and it's gone. But no way Shangri–Lay's gonna believe her. She's threatenin' to rip out her hair extensions."
Erik placed her palms on the cool railing and pushed upright. "Lead on." She followed the harassed stage manager through the club, the pounding bass drowning out anything more he might have said to her. In the evening gown laden, makeup strewn topsy-turviness of the dressing room chaos ruled. Two partially dressed people rolled on the floor, entangled in each other's arms and legs, with fingers gripping hair and voices screeching. The other performers stood alongside, cheering their favorite.
Erik grabbed a nearby glass, tossed the contents in the sink and filled it with cold water. She pushed her way through the crowd and flung the contents on the fighters.
"Ah! My makeup."
"You bitch!"
"Excuse me?" Erik lifted an eyebrow.
"Oh, crap. Get off me. You brute. You bitchy brute." The fighter on the bottom struggled to get free. The peacock blue eye shadow seemed to glow against his dark skin.
"And you love it." Grinning, the lighter skinned male with the corkscrew curl wig grinned pointed at the other's swollen bulge in his robe.
Erik stifled an eye roll. "You queens are going to be the death of me."
Sandee, dressed in a Cabaret showgirl costume, leaned closer and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "You know we love you, Erika honey. You're one of us. Just one of the gals."

Erika Bailey wants a quiet night at her drag queen club; paying customers, fabulous divas, and no fights.
Darien Scott just wants to party; have a few laughs. He didn't want bullets, bloodshed and dying screams.
To save Darien's life his brother asks, "Can you walk in high heels?" 

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  1. I don't have any questions. I just came by to say hi.

  2. I loved this book when you first started writing it. I had to wait for it to finish percolating.

  3. I can't wait to read this! It makes me think of one of my favorite movies: The Birdcage. :) Well, done, Daryl!

    1. The Bird Cage was in the back of my mind when i wrote this - my favourite movie.


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