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Devika Fernando shares The Prince’s Special Bride & Liza reviews

Royal Romance, Book 1: The Prince's Special Bride
Book 2: The Prince’s Stubborn Bride
Book 3: The Prince’s Surprise Bride
Book 4: The Prince’s Secret Bride

 Marie doesn’t believe in fairytales and needs no handsome prince to rescue her from misery – but everything changes when she falls in love with Crown Prince Christian of Taragonia. When his sister invites Marie to the palace, their lives collide and leave them both fighting their forbidden attraction.
Prince Christian has no place in his life for love or for a woman who doesn’t fit into the royal scheme of things. But vivacious Marie steals his heart and puts all he has lived for at stake. When the media gets wind of their affair, he has to make a difficult decision.
Will the unlikely couple have a chance at a happy ending?

 Damn, why had he come here?
The expression on Marie’s face seemed to ask the same question. After the initial shock at seeing him, she took a few involuntary steps back and her arms rose to fold across her breasts. It pulled the hem of her knee-length nightshirt up, and his throat was suddenly as dry as a desert.
“I…” Christian faltered, feeling like a teenager who’d snuck out in the middle of the night to meet his girlfriend. Only he wasn’t, and he had never done that.
“Why are you wearing this?”
Way to go, spoken like a true prince. He wanted to bang his head against the wall, he wanted to bolt. What was it about her that made normal reactions and rational thought impossible?
Her eyebrows rose sky-high. For a moment, she spluttered, then she crossed her arms even tighter, drawing his gaze to where it shouldn’t linger.
“Why am I wearing this? Because I intend to sleep my jetlag off, that’s why. Or is there a rule that one has to lie in the palace beds naked?”
Her comment made his blood boil. He should have been affronted at her tone, her daring to speak like that to the crown prince of Taragonia. But all he was able to do was block out indecent fantasies about a naked, honey-colored woman with her wild curls all over the pillow and her skin begging for his touch.
Christian gritted his teeth.
“You sound offended,” he said softly, fighting to keep a clear head and pull this off. Before she could comment, he went ahead, “And you have every right to be offended. It was wrong of me to…admonish you.”
She closed her mouth and regarded him, her expression unfathomable. He wanted her to say something, anything that would keep him from ogling her and losing the battle with his suddenly raging libido.
“I appreciate what you’re doing for my sister,” he said, somewhat lamely.
Now she was frowning, and that didn’t help either because his hand twitched to reach out and smooth the wrinkles away. What in the world was wrong with him?
“Do you really? And here I’d always thought you worry that I’ll ruin your nice plan or tarnish your sister’s reputation.”
He winced. Well, she couldn’t be blamed for that remark. Running a hand through his hair, he sought for the right words. “I may not think it was a good idea that Olivia ran away and bonded with you, but ultimately, I want only the best for her. I do want to see her happy, believe it or not.”
Her expression softened. She threaded a hand through her dark curls, and his body tightened with need.
“So you don’t think it’s a bad idea that I’m here?” There was a strange pleading look in her eyes, as if she wanted him to reassure her or as if she herself thought it was wrong to be here.
He acted on instinct, helpless to do anything else. Taking a step closer, he said softly, “I think it’s a very bad idea. But I also thought it’s a bad idea to kiss you and did it anyway.”

I have always pitied the trials of anyone who steps into the role of being a princess.
I can only imagine the outrage of a queen when her son goes to a tropical island in search of his sister and returns with a young woman of dubious birth and the wrong colored skin. Only thinly veiled contempt is made in public and when in private the claws come out.
Then there is the media…constant and brutal. Wounds cannot heal in a battlefield. Nope, I would never be a princess.

The first half of the story in which Christian and Marie dance a slow tune to love is full of caution, back steps and doubts. Christian is cautious since he’s a prince and will someday be king. Marie, thankfully doesn’t know that at first, or she probably would have run, given her father abandoned her pregnant mother, without marrying her, and ran back to England, never to be heard of again.
Only after they’ve both fallen in love does Marie discover how hard this is going to be.
I loved this story. The author carefully constructed a realistic story, with amazing detail and genuine feelings for all her characters. And her ability to create true love between her characters without resorting to sex is masterful. Yes, they do have sex later, but first they truly fall in love.
5 stars!  It will entice you, alarm you, anger you, upset you, and bring you harmony and love. Not at the same time, but you will incur all those emotions and more.  And, quite possibly be chomping at the bit for the next book. (I know I am.)
I received an ARC for an honest review.

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