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Her Perfect Match by Valerie Ullman, Liza Reviews

Today, I have Valerie Ullmer over with The Liason Series Book 1: Her Perfect Match, and I reviewed it. Check it out!

Valerie Ullmer’s Her Perfect Match

Gabriel is fascinated with Rebecca from the moment she began her pitch for to expand her dating service, Liaison, into new territory. She wants to increase the hiring of men who are paid to escort women. But to do this, she needs capital, and Gabriel has capital.

Gabriel had met her years before, but she'd purposely avoided his attempts to know her better.

He agrees to invest her company, but he wants a stake in the company as well. Then he adds he wishes to work personally with her.

And thus begins the sensual dance between the two of them.  No wham bam thank you ma’am here. The story is a slow, steamy dance to the inevitable. One of the best of its genre I’ve read this year.

5 steamy stars.

Her Perfect Match


Valerie Ullman

Gabriel Kane lived by one hard and fast rule. 
Never mix business with pleasure.
But the moment Rebecca Cole walked back into his life with only business on her mind, he finds himself forgetting about the rules.  Now, he's determined to go after what he's always wanted.

The force of her attraction to Gabriel had been immediate and unwavering from the moment he walked into her life.  Because of her feelings and knowing that Gabriel wasn't the type of man to settle for one woman, she kept her distance from the gorgeous and sexy man over the years.  But now business had drawn them back together, and she can't help but wonder if she could work with him and still keep her heart intact.

She looked around at Gabriel’s opulent loft with pale but shined hardwood floors, painted white ceilings that sharply contrasted the dark-gray walls, and black-and-white photos of the city placed strategically around his living room.

Gabriel’s place felt like a world unto itself.  He owned the penthouse with a private elevator, but what she enjoyed most of all was the absolute silence she walked into.  There were no phones ringing, no traffic noise from the streets below, no screaming children or loud laughs—just quiet—and she was grateful that he had invited her to stay the weekend with him.

More than being away from the chaos, she wanted to spend time with Gabriel.  She had skipped their business dinners together for legitimate reasons, but she had missed talking with him.  If she had to admit the truth to herself, she wanted the possibility of more.

Other than a handful of times they were together for business, they hadn’t gotten to know each other in a way she truly wanted.  His touches excited her, made her feel alive for the first time, and she knew that if he wanted her, for even a short amount of time, she wouldn’t deny herself the chance to be with him.

He had excused himself to go and change once they arrived; she’d already done so when they stopped by her apartment in Brooklyn to grab some clothes and essentials for the weekend.  As he stepped into his bedroom, her mind wandered back to the moment in his office when his concern for her caught her off guard.  But more than that, she thought there might be more to their relationship than an intense sexual awareness, because of that concern that shone from his eyes.  She had prepared herself before she had stepped in his office for his flirting nature, but his worry for her had destroyed the last of her defenses.  So when he invited her home, she’d readily accepted.

More than that, she liked the heated gaze that found her every time she walked into a room.  She could feel the heat and the promise of pleasure to come whenever she looked at him.  She could feel the blush on her cheeks and decided to shift her awareness to his home.

As she glanced around, she tried to remember the last time she’d seen him relaxed, with his concentration elsewhere, and realized that she couldn’t.  When she’d met him, he’d been serious and studious.  His attitude hinted at danger if you drifted too close, but he’d attracted women with no effort on his part.  She had never shown interest in him.  She figured that he’d never once been serious about a woman, and she wasn’t going to risk her heart in the pursuit when she knew what the end would hold.  Even now, she knew he was dangerous to her, but she couldn’t bring herself to care any longer.

Since she had started her escort business, she’d worked sixteen-hour days to get it off the ground, and in doing so, tried to purge him from her mind.  It exhausted her more than she realized.

Standing in the quiet, she still felt more than a little guilty for taking this weekend off.  She had called Tilda after Gabriel’s insistence, and asked her to cover for her for the weekend.  They had already scheduled all the dates that had been requested for both Friday and Saturday nights and other than paperwork, which could wait until Monday, they had nothing pressing.

Tilda agreed with Gabriel that she needed a break.  Tilda assured her that Nathan would keep her company in the office for a couple of hours on Saturday and nothing would fall through the cracks.  She trusted her assistant and as she made a mental note to talk to Tilda about a partnership at Liaison when a movement from the corner of her eye scattered her thoughts.

Her eyes met his as he came out of the bedroom, dressed in a soft gray heather sweater that emphasized the width of his shoulders and the hard muscles of his arms and chest.  She knew that he could see her eyes widen and hear her breath catch as her gaze traveled over him, but she was tired of fighting her attraction to him.  Her gaze dropped farther onto well-worn jeans that fit him perfectly and then farther down onto his bare feet.  She even thought his feet were sexy.  She jerked her gaze back up to his face, and noticed that his eyes softened.  A smile played on his lips.

Author’s Bio:
Valerie Ullmer writes sexy (erotic) paranormal and contemporary romance novels that usually feature strong alpha heroes and beautiful, brilliant heroines.
She lives in Denver, Colorado near the magnificent Rocky Mountains with her husband, the love of her life, and their sassy black lab, Maddie.  She started writing seriously in 2010 after an opportunity led her to become a full-time writer, and although it has taken her awhile, she’s finally realizing her life-long dream of becoming a romance author with four books scheduled to release this year.
As a voracious reader, she’s believes that all writers are rock stars, and she hopes that her stories are enjoyed as much as she loves the romance novels she’s devoured over the years, as well as those to come!
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