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Melissa Keir shares facts about the real Last Chance Corral along with the boxset: Cowboy Time

Last Chance Corral: A Haven for Horses

In my novella—A Pigskin Cowboy, a part of the box set—Cowboy Time, I write about a young man who earned his stripes working with his mother at a horse rescue organization in Southern Ohio. The idea for the place came from an actual haven for horses. The Last Chance Corral does amazing things for foals who wouldn’t survive otherwise.
“The horses that arrive at the L.C.C. represent a wide spectrum that includes horses as varied as the people that own them and the disciplines that they use them in. Not all horses that come into the L.C.C. are infirm; actually, few among them are. Most are simply unwanted. Situations such as children leaving for college, divorce, and relocation can leave a horse with no place to go. The alternative of the sale house offers a potentially grim solution that most owners would rather avoid.” 
I hadn’t realized how many foals were abandoned in an effort to bring a horse into milk for thoroughbreds. I’ve seen how the economy has affected pets, and was happy to know there were people and programs out there for horses who had nowhere else to go. It’s not like you can take them to the pound.
Wanting my hero to be a caring and compassionate man, I showed how he learned to care for animals alongside his mother. However, my goal was two-fold. I hoped to bring awareness to this amazing organization which helps so many animals. Naturally, a place like The Heartsong Ranch would take in rescued horses and employ someone who had worked with them.

Here’s a peek…
Moping didn’t do him any good, so Kane pulled a magazine from his pack. While he had read the article half a dozen times, he couldn’t help reading it again. The Heartsong Ranch meant more than the location for his upcoming internship—it offered another connection to his mother. The ranch purchased most of the horses raised at Final Chance Corrals. His mom had worked at the corral as a horse trainer up until her death. Each time a foal came into the facility, his mother guided the young animal through the process of becoming acclimated. Most of the foals had been abandoned by their mothers or had lost their sires in fires or other accidents. Getting them used to people, bridles, and eventually saddles had been their primary task.
He often worked side by side with his mother, helping to care for the animals, but his love of children drove him into the school of education at the university. With this internship, he would combine his passion for animals and his love of teaching.

Aren’t you halfway in love with Kane already? 
Here’s the details on 

A Pigskin Cowboy and Cowboy Time.

It’s first and goal…
Kane Warner, the favorite tight end of his college football team, had everyone turned on him for throwing a game. Rather than explain why or face the scrutiny, he leaves town for his summer internship to regroup and get his head on straight.
Charley Ramsey works at Café French while going to college for accounting. Life in a small town has always suited her. No drama is her motto and she’ll do everything she can to avoid it.
Being financially secure is Charley’s biggest dream. Clearing his name is Kane’s. When the media comes looking for the big story, will Kane and Charley’s relationship survive the drama or will the football player run again?

Cowboy Time

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A Pigskin Cowboy
by Melissa Keir
I’ll admit the title doesn’t, at first glance, seem like a great name for a cowboy romance. But once you read the story, the pigskin will make more sense. I promise. 
Charley (the heroine) is going to the local college to get a degree in accounting.  She also works at Café French.

Kane is a college football player from a different state who doesn’t take the easy path. Instead he searches for the right one. And his path takes him to the Café French where he meets Charley.  And the first thing he does is gets dizzy, puts his hand out to steady himself and gropes poor Charley. Talk about awkward beginnings!

There’s always a sweetness in Melissa Keir’s stories, and this one was no exception. There’s many really good people in this small town. But when the reporters show up with horrible stories about Kane, Charley fears that Kane might not be one of the good guys.  And I’ll say no more except I loved this story and the ending was fabulous; the characters are charming, and I hope the author writes more about this charming town and people.


  1. Thank you for having me by Liza. And for the fabulous review of A Pigskin Cowboy. <3

  2. Great blog! What the PMU industry has done to the innocent mares/foals makes me sick every time I think of it. Poor, poor innocent babies thrown away like trash. Sob.

    1. Most people aren't aware of it and I hope we can bring some light to this situation.

  3. What a marvelous blog! I'm in such awe of those who dedicate themselves so tirelessly to a much needed but difficult task and save animals--and horses must be especially hard, given their size, but also especially rewarding. I grew up following racing, and it's harder now. With pieces like yours letting the public know what's happening, maybe change can come. Great work as always!


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