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Melissa Keir shares beaches and her fabulous book: One Night in Laguna & Liza reviews

My Three Favorite Beaches
When I was asked to join Kaira Rouda’s Laguna Beach kindle world, I was thrilled but a little nervous. I’d never been to California, let alone Laguna Beach. I had been a huge fan of Santa Barbara, a wonderfully cheesy 80’s Soap Opera. In fact, I spent a lot of time re-watching Kelly and Joe as well as Mason… I fell in love with poor misunderstood Mason, but I digress.
How could I write about California? I did do my research. But I also quickly realized how much I missed beach life.

Growing up along Ohio’s north coast, Lake Erie was mere minutes away. Each time, we drove to my grandparents in Lorain, Ohio, we passed my first beach crush-Lakeview Beach. The popular summer attraction for families with twenty acres of sandy beach, historical rose garden, fountain and lawn-bowling. 

As I child, my grandparents would spend hours at the park, playing among the antique weapons or having our photo taken in front of the largest basket. As a teen, the beach came alive at night as a popular make-out area where the coolest cars and kids hung out.

My second favorite beach is my children’s favorite. Along the east coast of South Carolina where the water meets the shore a small peninsula of land juts out into the ocean. Garden City Beach is south of it’s more well-known older sister-Myrtle, but boasts a larger beach area and family friendly atmosphere. Gaining access from the many public walkways, beachfront condos or homes is easy. There, families spend the day picking up seashells, fishing for halibut or body surfing among the waves. My children grew up on this beach as we spent each summer there enjoying time with family and friends.

Finally, my third favorite beach is located at Wilderness State Park in Michigan. Along the rugged northern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Mackinaw City becomes the gateway to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world. Tucked off to the west of the city is a small state park where you can pitch a tent or trailer along Lake Michigan, waking up with the sounds of the waves crashing and the calls of the seagulls. Sunsets were never more beautiful, even if the water is often too chilly for more than a quick dip. If I could deal with the frigid winters, living the rest of my life in that one spot would be an unimaginable blessing.

Now that I’ve shared some of my beaches with you… let me tell you a little about One Night in Laguna…

Schoolteacher, Melanie Whitman’s dating life is in shambles when her boyfriend and former boss dumps her. Her best friend arranges for Master Draikoh San, matchmaker extraordinaire, to provide her with a night to remember.
Breakout star of the third season of the reality TV show Laguna Nights Cole Hayes was burned by the limelight and started a family. After a messy divorce and looking to move back into the dating scene, he agrees to a one-night stand.
Can Cole and Melanie create a relationship that will last a lifetime, or will their one-night stand crash in the waves of Laguna Beach?
**One Night in Laguna is a stand-alone novella but features characters from Chalkboard Romance, another magical match made by Master Draikoh San.
Melanie watched out the window as the limo pulled away from John Wayne Airport. It’d been ten years since she’d ridden in a limo, yet it never got old. The driver pointed out various landmarks along the fifteen mile trip from the airport to the seaside hamlet of Laguna Beach. Melanie marveled at the large beach homes which dotted the coast, as well as the amazing sandy beaches along California’s Pacific Coast Highway. Determined to enjoy as much of the sunny weather as possible, Melanie kept the window down during the thirty minute drive. She breathed in deep the smells of the ocean.
All too soon, the driver pulled into the long drive of her hotel and stopped the car at the entrance. He opened the door for her, pupped the trunk and retrieved her bags, before handing them off to the bellboy.
Melanie stepped out of the limo and slipped her sunglasses over her eyes. Her jaw dropped. The tropical beach atmosphere of the hotel showed in the white columns and wood shutters next to the entry. The lush landscaping with tall palm trees and flowing shrubs highlighted the stone walkway, drawing Melanie’s gaze. Smoothing the bottom of her blouse and skirt, she spun around, looking for a hidden camera. No way this beautiful hotel was where she was going to stay the night.
Entering the lobby, her feet sank into the plush carpet as she headed toward the smiling woman behind the counter. The sound of soft music and the smell of fresh carnations teased her senses.
“Welcome to the Mondrian, Laguna Beach’s premier resort,” said the pretty tanned blonde. “How may I help you?”
“Hello, I’m Melanie Whitman. I have a reservation.” Melanie adjusted her handbag on her shoulder. The receptionist was gorgeous, with the body of a supermodel, and made Mel self-conscious. Positive it was the California sunshine which made all the women tall and beautiful, she considered moving to Laguna if it’d mean she’d lose some pounds, gain a few inches, or even turn into a video star. But Melanie doubted it would work that way for her.

If that doesn’t have you wishing for a trip there, I don’t know what might… I have my bags packed! I do hope you will share your favorite beach locations with me. I must find some new favorite vacation spots!

An adventure of a lifetime, all in one night—compliments of Master Draikoh.

An unusual match: a school teacher & a former Hollywood star
Melanie: Her fiancĂ© knocked up another woman…
Cole: His wife left him when their daughter, Rose, got Leukemia…

Both have reasons to never trust again, but those who care about them set them up for a one-night stand.

They meet, and share about their lives. He discovers Melanie truly loves children. She discovers a good man who truly loved his daughter.
But both have trust issues…

This sweet novella is definitely worth a read. It’s full of mistrust, love, drama and yes, a happy ending.

It’s amazing how much content the author puts in this very fine novella.

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  1. I have 3 favourite beaches - in no particular order - Wrightsville, NC. St.Simon Island, GA and any beach anywhere in the Cayman Islands!

    1. I've been to Wrightsville Beach... It's fabulous. I'm trying to get my husband to fall in love with a beach but he's a mountain kind of guy!

  2. Thank you for the review. It was fun to write about this amazing location!

  3. Love the photo of Big Mac! I know the Mackinaw City area well. I grew up south of there on a big inland lake. Still think that bridge is one of the most beautiful in the world, and even more impressive at night when it's all lit up. :)


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