Monday, August 15, 2016

The Real You by RM Alexander, Liza Reviews

by RM Alexander
Genre: Romantic Suspense

The world has their eye on A-list actor, Grey Richards. But when Paige Reeds goes to a location shoot in Detroit, she finds his brother, Kellen, far more captivating. The chance meeting grows into an unexpected friendship and an even more unpredictable romance.  But when she quits her job to join him in LA, the consequences could be deadly.

 Kellen Richards is used to the masks people wear and finds the what-you-see-is-what-you-get Paige refreshing. He doesn't know how, Kellen just knows he wants to be with her. But wealth and fame have dark consequences for his family, and keeping Paige safe from the people out to ruin the Richards won't be as easy as he expects.

There is a great deal I like about this story.
It takes it time with an old fashion courtship. 
The heroine chooses the man who best suits her, vs the movie star.
The hero stays with the heroine even when something terrible happens which will require years of therapy and even then she will never be the same.
And the happy ending is satisfying.
However, the thriller part of the story (I don’t wish to reveal spoilers) is not what I would call ‘tight’.  The justification of actions isn't as solid when all is revealed as I would have liked.  Certain actions which appear to be tied to the thriller theme turn out not to be attached at all, only mere coincidence. (I’m talking about car accident) and the reasoning of the attacks is not flushed out sufficiently.
Thus, in the end,  I have to give this a 4 star. It was entertaining but left too many holes to justify a 5, but it's still worth reading.

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RM Alexander is an author of Contemporary Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Thrillers.

With driven characters who suffer the worse kinds of betrayals, her novels promise a good read with unexpected twists and turns.

When she's not writing, RM is spending time with her husband and two small children in Michigan. She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and can often be found on Twitter or Facebook chatting with other authors and fans.

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  1. When the story talked about Detroit, it peaked my interest. :)

  2. Interesting story line and great review!


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