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Daryl Devore shares her love of research & Brace for Impact, Liza Reviews

Research and why I love it.

Actually I have no idea why. But I've always loved looking things up. My mother was a librarian in a really cool library and I spent hours nosing my way through the card catalogue and the reference sections, just looking stuff up.

The library was the home of Hiram Walker. He made Canadian Club Whiskey. When he died, the house was willed to the city and they made a library out of it. Later it was returned to its more natural setting. This photo is one of the rooms where I used to hang out.

In high school, I was that pain-in-the-butt kid who got excited when we had to write an essay. That meant I got to research stuff: Shakespeare's life, the Olympics, chemistry concepts that I've since purged from my memory. I happily charged over to the library and settled in for a research binge.

What does this have to do with my story? Well, I've never been in a plane crash and I never want to be in a plane crash. But I researched the voice recorders of what pilots and control towers said before a crash. Quite a lot of times the final words were – "Oh! Shit!"
I needed something bizarre for the story and discovered the photo of the evacuation chute opening inside the plane.

When I wrote the line - "You do know we're making love on the side of a volcano." – I had to go research volcanoes on tropical islands.

Paix needed a reason to have grown up in Australia when she isn't Australian. So I decided her father would be a university professor. But it couldn't be just any old subject, so I researched out - Professor of Etymology. The study of words. He's a leading authority on Aboriginal language.

Research is fascinating. And I won't even mention all the fun stuff I've researched for the hot, erotic parts of my stories.

Keeping the ocean on his left, Guy moved through the underbrush. Branches slapped his face and scratched his arms. He drove on. Pushing through a bush, he focused on the pink bra whipping about in the wind and dropped to his knees. He'd found their campsite. He rose and stumbled forward to the palm tree, now being thrashed by the wind.
"Paix!" He doubted she could hear him against the howl of the wind, but he had to try. "Paix!"
He scanned the area looking for her. His gaze focused on the ocean. His stomach dropped. The plane was gone. The waves had knocked it to its final resting place. How deep was the ocean there? More importantly, at what depth could the black box's ping still be heard?
He turned back to shore, blinked, shook the water from his eyes and focused. Resting on his cushion was Paix's suitcase. If the suitcase was there then she put it on the cushion and that meant she was alive. He'd find her and hold on tight. She was not slipping from his grasp a second time.

Brace for Impact
This is the release of the single story taken from the Crashing into Love box set.

What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for a rookie flight attendant and a sexy R.C.M.P. officer?

But Fate had other intentions.

After leaving a disastrous marriage, Paix Allcot begins a new career as a flight attendant. The romance of travel plus the desperate need to be on any other continent other than the one her ex is on seems like a dream job. For the first time, Paix is no longer a trainee and the passengers in economy class are under her care. Especially the handsome passenger seated in 36C.

Guy Lapierre, undercover officer, is following a vicious human-trafficker. He has little time for relationships. Too many innocent lives are at stake. But when the plane crashes and Guy is stranded on a tropical island, he is forced to work with Paix to survive until he discovers that the man he is tracking is Paix's older brother.

Can a pink bra and a hot night on the side of a volcano save the relationship and their lives?

Daryl Devore likes to add unexpected events to her novels. And this one has several which if you google you’ll discover have really happened. So as you read this delightful story thinking it over the top, remember that while some events may seem improbable, life is full of improbable occurrences.

I thought both Guy and Paix were stand-up people. Paix had a moment of not so stand up when she finds her brother, but even there, when she thinks it through, she rights herself in short order. No one is perfect, but these two are really good, which results in great extreme action fun.

2 Warnings: The sex is explicit and the final chapter might scare you at first, but keep reading.


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