Thursday, February 16, 2017

Worst Week Ever is having a fabulous month & so should Luck Be An Angel!

Four years ago, I wrote the funniest book I've ever written, and most people agree with that assessment. However, be warned: while 80% think WWE is laugh-out-loud hilarious, the other 20% doesn't think it's funny at all.

I thought that odd until I checked out the bestseller for comedy. Turns out that's normal. Humor is a discriminating concept and there always appears to be 20 to 30% that won't think a comedic book is funny. That's just life for a comedian. You always have a heckler or two.

Thus oddly, my most read and funniest book is also my lowest ranked book at 4.3.  and it still remains my best seller.

I decided to use it to promo my latest book: Luck be an Angel, which is a sweet romance.  The key difference is you'll like the male lead much faster in Luck Be An Angel....actually, you'll love everyone but the townspeople, and you finish the book much faster. Still, it will probably stretch your credibility, in one part, but that's because I believe that guardian angels really exists.

It's getting great reviews...all 5 stars so far...and it only costs $2.99 since it get's to the point much faster than Worst Week Ever, which goes on for five books.

Since peeps are reading all five books in the Long Road to Love, I gotta think they are addictive, but if you just want a  sweet, uplifting story that you can read in a single evening, go for Luck Be An Angel.

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