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Melissa Keir shares her love for small towns.

Small Town Life

Most of the stories that I write involve a small town. Either it’s the setting or a part of the make-up of the characters. I’m a small town girl. I graduated with a class of only about 100 students. 

It was a town where everyone knew everyone else. Think about the opening song from “Cheers”… “where everyone knows your name.” My series The Wilder Sisters actually takes place in my own hometown of Amherst, Ohio.

Most of the people I knew were friends of my parents. The school librarian and my mom used to be best friends in high school. The mother of a classmate used to date my dad before he married my mom. One time when I was stopped for speeding in my parents’ car, the police officer was a friend of my mom’s and called her to tattle about the ticket before I got home.

I loved growing up in a place that was safe from crime. We could play outside all day long safely and never worry about anything. The whole town was watching out for us. That had a downside as well. Every adult in town felt that it was their responsibility to help raise us, discipline us, and let us know when we were treading on the path to no good.

There were issues as well with being a part of a small town. Your reputation became something that you were judged by. The mistakes you made couldn’t be hidden under a rug. People had long memories and they would and could remember every transgression you made. This prejudice made me want to leave my town as soon as graduation.

Today I still visit my town. My family lives in the same area that they did when I graduated. The people are the same when I visit my favorite restaurants. I know that I’ll always see a former classmate or friend around every corner and I’ve enjoyed sharing my town with my own children. In fact, I found another small town to raise them in.

As you can tell I have a fondness for small towns and the memories they hold for me. This is why my characters have that feeling in their own lives, whether it’s in the form of a history or the setting for their story. I invite you to visit my small town through my stories and the characters that I write about. Who knows… you may find something that reminds you of your own hometown.

Home is Where the Heart Is….

Home is Where the Heart is Four stories of sisters who each left small-town, Amherst, Ohio. When they come home again, they find love and family as well as a chance to redeem themselves for juvenile choices.

Forever Love

Fifteen years ago, Syndie Wilder left her small hometown- Amherst, Ohio- to escape the pain of losing her best friend and boyfriend. Deciding that Chicago offered more for an up and coming jewelry designer, she enjoyed the big city life until she chooses to return and care for her father. Taking care of her father and relocating her internet business, Syndie has no time or desire for romance but fate has a way of playing with best-laid plans.

Thom Johnson broke Syndie’s heart all those years ago and regrets it every day. As a firefighter, Thom sets out to protect Amherst and redeem himself for his bad choices. However, he never has forgotten Syndie and the hurt he caused her.

When a chance meeting happens, can the two former friends allow themselves the chance to become friends again, or will the sparks turn a childhood friendship into a forever love?

Beach Desires

Can a summer fling last a lifetime? Stacey Wilder escapes to the beach for a much needed vacation and meets a woman who tempts her passion. But Stacey hid her desires growing up because small town Catholic girls don’t fall in love with other women.

Mandy Kenzie is a Southern girl who also dealt with discrimination growing up over her choice of lovers. When she meets Stacey, sparks fly and passion ignites. But will their beach fling become a forever match or just a vacation affair?

Can Stacey and Mandy make their long distance relationship work? Or will they let the prejudices of their upbringing ruin their chance at happiness?

A Christmas Accident

Expecting her first child, Sherri Wilder Davison wants nothing more than to spend time with her father over the holidays, but fate has a way of changing her best-laid plans. 

Adam Davison is willing to do anything to make his pregnant wife happy. He will face hell to have her home for the holidays. For Sherri and Adam, the holidays are a time of celebration and love, but this Christmas will be unlike any they have ever faced.

When a horrible blizzard causes an automobile accident that puts the lives of those Sherri loves on the line, can a Christmas miracle save them?

Coming Home

Shevonne Wilder returned to Amherst, Ohio battle scarred from Afghanistan. Now, she must relearn to live in the dark. Jackson Gambish thought he wanted just another fling but fell for Shevonne’s strength. Fate threw Shevonne and Jackson together in a desperate search for her missing father. 

Can a blind woman and the womanizer rely on each other to rescue Mr. Wilder or will insecurities and stress cause their blossoming relationship to self-destruct?

Review of Home is Where the Heart is
The Wilder Sisters by Melissa Keir

Four fabulous short stories of four delightful sisters, each with their unique problems and dreams and one father with worsening dementia, but still a man to admire.

While early years dating didn’t result in HEA’s, now the ladies are grown up, and each finds their own true lover. For one, it is her best friend from childhood, for another it is a special woman, for the next, she’s already got her husband, only a severe car wreck threatens to leave him in a coma and her to care for their baby alone. And last but not least, the youngest, who went off to war, loses her sight, but finds her equal partner amongst the local firefighters. 
What a delightful read! I couldn't stop reading! I wanted to follow all the women as they found or recovered true love. A beautifully uplifting set of stories. Melissa Keir knows how to weave a tale!



  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! Maybe sometime you can visit Amherst!! Or see it on the big screen (it was the setting for a recent gymnastic movie staring the girl from The Big Bang Theory).

  2. Love your books. However, I'm not keen on driving long distances now. But the pic are lovely.

    1. Oh well, with your gorgeous yard, I'd never leave! <3

      Did you have a favorite story among the set?

    2. Awe! My sisters were so upset over that book. They thought that Mr. Wilder was my father and gave me no end of grief over it.


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