Sunday, July 2, 2017

Viviana Mackade shares Like a Firework: a Celebration of Love

I owe Mr. Eric Church. You know, the country singer? Yep, him. Because an older song of him, Two Pink Lines, was where Scott and DJ’s story come from. I was listening to it and the last line of the song, about the girl grabbing her coat and just leaving him just like that, made me curious about that girl. Usually, when a pregnancy test is involved, the boy runs. Not in the song. I mean, he wasn’t all that thrilled, but she left. And that girl sparkled something. Who is she? What happened to her after that moment? And did she and the boy ever see each other again? Those were the seeds, and what came out of it, it’s a story not only about the strength of love, but about the strength to stay true to yourself no matter how difficult. DJ can’t compromise with herself when she leaves. Years later, Scott can’t compromise on what to ask of her. And that’s the perfect ground for trouble. The results? Well, you can’t expect me to tell you that now, can you? You’ll have to read the story!


         At eighteen, DJ made a choice–her heart or her dreams. Neither was wrong, yet either would break her heart. She chose the world. Over a decade later, she returns to Crescent Creek and to the one regret she's ever had–Scott.

Scott’s always been steady as a rocky reef. He’d loved once and when she’d left, his strong heart had crumbled like a sandcastle. Now DJ is back, and Scott wants nothing to do with her. If only Eva, his and DJ’s old friend, didn’t need their help. Because of her, he’s stuck with DJ and he’d be damned, she still gets under his skin.

DJ is a free spirit who needs the road under her feet. Scott is a family man who wants to groom his roots. With danger on their doorstep and a baby to keep safe, how much are they willing to compromise for love?


“Hi,” DJ said when she was closer.

“Hey,” he replied. He edged on her side, started for the door, but her voice stopped him again. “How are you?”

Oh, so she wanted to make conversation. Fine. He was civil enough to talk to her. “I’m well, thank you.”

“I’m taking some time off, finally,” she said with an unsure smile. “I saw your brother the other day.”

“Rhett is well, too. Thanks.”

She took a breath, clearly working hard at keeping her smile in place despite his frosty reply. Want to run, do you? Scott thought. After all, running away and disappearing for twelve fucking years when things got tough was how she rolled.

“This is awkward,” she all but whispered.

“No. Just useless.” Temper had always had a way of sharpening the green speckles in her bright hazel eyes. It surprised him how she cleared it out with a sharp intake of breath and replaced it with a smile. “I came by your restaurant. I think it was last year.”

“It was.”

“You knew I was there?”

“My restaurant in my town. What do you think?”

She played with a huge bead of her necklace. “You didn’t come out from the kitchen.”

“I had nothing to say.”

“There’s no need to be rude.”

“I’m not. I literally have nothing to say. To you.” Years of repressed anger spurred out, and he made no attempt to hold back. “Don’t get me wrong,” he kept saying, frozen steel in his pleasant tone. “I had plenty to say years ago. But you disappeared into thin air, so I figured you didn’t overly care about what was on my mind.”

Or in his heart.

“There are two sides to a story.” The annoyed little quirk in her voice. Yes, he remembered it. He’d liked it back then. Not so much now.

“Maybe, but it’s one story, and ours is you up and left with not so much as a ‘see ya’.”

“I was scared.”

“For more than a decade?” He scoffed. “You don’t have the perseverance for that.”

“Still stubborn as a mule.”

“I am. And you’ll be off again for god knows where in what, a week? Two?” He unhooked his sunglasses from the collar of his t-shirt, put them on. “You’re right, some things don’t change. Have a great vacation, DJ.”


Scott and DJ’s story is part of the collection: 

Like a Firework: a Celebration of Love.

You can find Scott & DJ's story in All Those Miles I Walked along with the other 5 stories for 99 Cents or FREE with KU at:




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