Monday, October 2, 2017

A Tale of Two Books by Liza O'Connor

In life there are winners and losers:
Worst Week Ever is always a winner!

Carrie is caring, sweet, hardworking and determined to make her boss a success. And while she doesn't try to be funny, all the crap that rains down upon her is hilarious....for most of us.

I've discovered there is 20% of people who do not like Worst Week Ever. They declare it is NOT FUNNY! and NOT A ROMANCE!

Fortunately, most of you will find it very funny.
I was so pleased when my 100th review came from a person I do not know, but loved the book.

 Loved it!!! September 28, 2017
What an Author! The characters were Fantastic! Really wasn't sure what was going to happen next! Fun book to read!

How could I not love that review?

Worst Week Ever has been a success from the very first time it showed up, except once when I did a special for India. Evidently, my humor doesn't translate well in India. I ran a 99 cent deal for a month and didn't sell a single book. Needless to say, that was a disappointment.

But it sells very well in the USA, and right now, it is on sale for 99 cents again.

I normally only put it on sale once a  year, but the book I had planned to use to promote my next release got rejected by all but two small promotional companies. Thus, it was dead on arrival, so I called up WWE.

So what's wrong with the book I planned?
I've no idea. I've decided it must be cursed.

And if you can ferret out the problem, I would love to know.

Here's Worst Week Ever. It actually has a lower review rate than the book below. It is possible that people who have endured someone like Carrie's boss just can't deal with such nonsense. 

Now I ask you, who can not love this arrested young woman. I throw everything I can think of at her, and she takes it like a champion!

Now here is the book I wanted to promote with:

So can anyone tell me why no one wants to buy it?  (It's also 99 cents right now).

Is it because it's not a comedy.
There are still laughs between the dangers she incurs.
In fact, this heroine is very much like me. that the problem?
Or is the gun scaring you away?

It has a 4.7 Review ranking, but only 13 reviews. (For some reason, Amazon took a bunch away. They've never done that before or after this book.)

Honestly, I was certain this book was going to sell well when I first released it. Only when I tried to use it as the promo for book two, all the services rejected me, and they've continued to reject me.

Having no clue as to why, I have declared this book CURSED!

I went on and finished book three, but that's it. Book four got dropped. I've no idea why, but this book is cursed.

Have you ever had a book that seems cursed? What did you do with it?

I would love to know how to uncurse it because I truly love this book.

If you have any advice on how to undo a curse on a book, please drop it in the comment box.

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