Monday, June 4, 2018

Forget the Bulls. The human drama carries the show. Slammed by Liza O'Connor

Liza needs your help!

All my followers, except for two, are evidently afraid of BULLS.

Which is not good, because I have a two-book series about a young bull rider, named Davy. He's not only cute as can be, he's kind, has great parents, and he can read and ride the bulls with the best of them.

Davy get's into the premier bulling riding circuit by some amazing riding, and every time he gets on a bull, he keeps getting better. 

The same can't be said for his girlfriends. To be honest, since he was the poorest boy in his town, the only girl who would 'date' him was Sherry, and she only dated him because she needed leverage on her father. Otherwise, her dad wasn't going to give her a new car, since she wrecked her car the first week she had it. However, when she declared Davy her boyfriend, her father quickly offered her a new car if she broke it off with Davy.  Talk about a setup. 

But honestly, Davy's next girlfriend wasn't much better. She was nicer, but she broke his heart when she cheated on him with Davy's aunt's boyfriend. Turned out the jerk kept a virtual harem of young pretty women to satiate his sex-drive, all the while kissing up to Davy's aunt because she had billions. 

Then Allie, the PBR reporter on the ground was constantly getting him in trouble with her questions. Davy and Allie never got along, but Mr. Gavin was 'doing her' so he insisted Davy and Allie pretend to be 'lovers'. (The boss had warned Gavin not to get involved with Allie.)

Mr. Gavin talked Davy out of getting an agent and said he'd market Davy himself. What that actually meant was that Gavin took complete control of Davy's life and sold him out on the cheap. 

Gavin had Davy sign 10 contracts in a single day, and never let him read any of the documents. Needless to say, that came back to bite the young man. 

Very quickly matters go from annoying to dangerous when Sherry declares she pregnant with Davy's baby. When Gavin plays hardball, she doctors Davy's bull rope with a poison. 

Davy nearly died from the bull wreck that followed. Should have, but he proves really hard to kill. 
Unfortunately, the patriarch of his mom's family, Bellemonte, was able to kill both his ma and pa in short order. 

It takes a long while, but finally, Davy heals, recovers from his parents' deaths, returns to bull riding, and asked to marry the lovely young woman who nursed him back to full health.  

Only her father doesn't want his daughter married to a bull rider.

You should read both books Slammed (Davy's Saga 1)  and Slammed Again (Davy's Saga 2) to find out how matters end.

Better yet: Book 1 is 99 cents through June 7, so grab it now!

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