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A Right To Love, Bk 2.5, Side Story in Xavier & Vic series, by Liza O'Connor



A Right to Love
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A Right to Love
Liza O'Connor

A Romantic Spin off of
The Adventures of Xavier & Vic

Jacko, a gypsy with a great love for stealing, rescues a suffragette from Bedlam. Upon returning the elderly woman to safety, he meets her blue-stocking daughter. Alice has decided she prefers managing her estate farms over London society. She is resigned to never marry until the handsome and surprisingly wealthy man with a dark past and several identities steals her heart.


Alice returned to the package, cut the twine and unwrapped the paper. She lifted up a colorful silk scarf wrapped around something oblong and hard. As she unwrapped the scarf, she caught the musky scent that had haunted her senses in her sleep. Jacko.

“What is it?” Thomas asked.

Alice had become so enchanted with the scarf, she had failed to notice the item wrapped inside it. In her hand lay what looked to be an ivory handle. But to what?

She noticed a pearl inset on one side and pressed it. A lethal four-inch blade of silver jutted out.

“Dear Lord!” Thomas exclaimed. “Do you think Carson sent this as a threat?”

“No.” She smiled and stroked the handle. “I think Jacko sent it as a gift.”

“A gift? What type of man sends a knife to lady?”

She pressed the scarf to her lips. “A very unique one. A man who admires a woman good with knives.”

Placing the scarf around her neck, she examined the slender blade. When she pushed the pearl inset again, the blade returned inside the handle.

“Now that is clever.” She showed Thomas how the knife could appear and disappear.

He scowled and stepped back. “Perhaps you should put the ‘gift’ in your safe.”

“First, I must show it to Mother.” She headed to the door.

“Your mother is far from recovered. She does not need to know ill-dressed gypsies are giving you knives!”

Alice stopped and turned to Thomas, angered by his words. “You will never refer to the man I intend to marry in such disrespectful terms again.”

“Marry? You cannot marry a gypsy.”

“This is not your say.”

Thomas refused to back down. “Your mother will not allow it!”

“It is not her say either. However, I believe once she knows Jacko better, she will welcome him into our home.”

“A gypsy?”

“A man who risked his life to save a woman he had never met.” She caressed the ivory handle of her hidden knife. “A man who wishes me to be strong and unafraid.” She then recalled them seated together at the kitchen table. “A man with warmth and laughter in his eyes.”


Liza O’Connor was raised badly by feral cats, left the South/Midwest and wandered off to find nicer people on the east coast. There she worked for the meanest man on Wall Street, while her psychotic husband tried to kill her three times. (So much for finding nicer people.) Then one day she declared enough, got a better job, divorced her husband, and fell in love with her new life where people behaved nicely. But all those bad behaviors has given her lots of fodder for her humorous books. Please buy these books, because otherwise, she’ll become grumpy and write troubled novels instead. They will likely traumatize you.
You have been warned.


The Adventures of Xavier & Vic Sleuth series: (Late Victorian/Mystery/Romance)
The Troublesome Apprentice — The greatest sleuth in Victorian England hires a young man who turns out to be a young woman.
The Missing Partner — Opps! The greatest sleuth in Victorian England goes missing, leaving Vic to rescue Xavier, a suffragette, and about 100 servants. Not to mention an eviscerating cat. Yes, let’s not mention the cat.
A Right to Love — A romantic detour for Jacko. Want to see how amply rewarded Jacko was when he & Vic save an old woman from Bedlam?
The Mesmerist — The Mesmerist can control people from afar and make them murder for her. Worse yet, Xavier Thorn has fallen under her spell.
Well Kept Secrets — The problems with secrets is that they always come to light, no matter how you wish to silence them.
Pack of Trouble — Changes are a part of life, but these changes almost kill Vic.
The Darkest Days — Muddled cases make Vic very grumpy.
The CrimeLords’ War — Vic is almost killed twice as she tries to prevent a CrimeLords’ War, stop a female Russian spy, and locate Xavier.
Toxic Diamonds — The Queen’s Diamonds have been stolen, Director Stone of Scotland Yard is missing, and there is a toxic gas that may kill hundreds of Londoners.
A Despicable Crime --  Xavier's worst nightmare comes to life. Several of the Crime Lords discover that Xavier has a living mother. The desire to make Xavier dance to their whims is too irresistible to ignore. If they own his mother, they own Xavier.

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