Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saving Molly by Liza O'Connor

Saving Molly
by Liza O’Connor
Contemporary Romance Suspense with Humor

Favorite line: I would much rather have good dead parents, than live evil ones.

Molly Brown always faces life with a smile, even when a frightening thug is intent upon killing her. At first, Detective Sean Cushing finds Molly’s cheery disposition unnatural, especially when he discovers the seriousness of her injuries. When she asks for police protection, he instead offers her a job and home being a nanny to his five-year-old daughter, hoping her cheery disposition can pull his child from her dark hole of misery. Never did he expect he’d be proposing marriage within a day, but life has a way of going in odd directions when Molly Brown is involved.

Coming VERY Soon
Saving Sentry.

One of the dogs they saved has become the little girl's protector. However, when a criminal breaks into their home and attempts to kill Molly and the child, Sentry, her dog protector kills the man with ease.

Unfortunately, the prosecuting attorney wants the dog put down.

Sentry's family is determined to save him.

The latest book of the 
Requires Rescue Series.
This series can be read in any order.

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