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Hell Within Walking Distance

Hell Within Walking Distance
By Liza O’Connor
A Love Story
With Paranormal Events
This story takes place in 1980, when Hell’s Kitchen remained a dangerous place. As a young woman working in Manhattan, I was shocked how one block could make such a huge difference in your likelihood to survive. I traveled to NYC by train, so I had no option but to walk once I arrived at Penn Station. What I quickly learned was to stay far away from Hell’s Kitchen, for even in the early mornings it was NOT SAFE.

Cara faints on a subway and dreams that she wakes in the arms of an adoring husband. This charming, caring man soon claims her heart.
When she reawakens to her miserable life, the memory of her dream life gives her the courage to escape her tormentor. Newly discovered friends help her disappear by placing her in the household of a wealthy philanthropist who is determined to pull his beloved wife out of her coma.
When Cara realizes the philanthropist is her dream husband, she concludes she is to blame for his wife’s coma. Cara is determined to do whatever it takes to return his wife’s soul to her body, even if it kills her.


As if her nightmare was coming to life, the train pulled to a halt and the lights went out. They are killing the power to the track to search for me even now. Cara felt sick to her stomach. He was never going to forget or forgive this disaster.
Maybe it was time to truly rebel. She had a college degree. Maybe it was time to leave him and get a job. She could conduct clandestine interviews during the day. Yes, she would have to acquire clothes fit for an interview and then sneak out without the doorman noticing her. She remembered Damon complaining about her inability to speak properly. Perhaps if she were to mention public speaking courses, he would decide she needed lessons. That would not only get her out of the house, but also provide a reason to purchase a professional suit. She smiled. If she could climb her way out of Hell, she could climb her way out of Damon’s home as well.
The lights came back on and the train jerked forward, causing her to lose balance. A hand gently caught her about the waist. She looked up at the brown-haired man with frameless glasses. He smiled at her.
His smile confused her. It was kind and loving, and his eyes sparkled with happiness.
“You okay?” he asked with genuine concern.
She nodded. His hand still wrapped around her waist. She knew she should step away, but he made her feel safe—for the first time in her life.
“I know you hate blackouts, but we’re almost home.”
She did hate blackouts, but how did he know that, and why would he say, “We’re almost home?”
She glanced around the train. Everyone was different. Outside was different. The train was different.
Panic roiled in her stomach and blood rushed to her head, causing her vision to gray. The train pulled to a halt and his gentle arm curled around her waist, leading her off the train.

About the Author
Liza O’Connor has been writing books for most of her life. Only for the first ten years she didn’t show them to anyone. Then she joined a group called the Rom-critters and her she learned how to make her stories better.
Liza has published over 50+ books
Liza writes fiction, but all her books have a bit of her life in them. As strange as it sounds, Hell Within Walking Distance has much of her life within the story.
Liza is trying to publish a book a month, so more of her books can be published and read. Most of these books were written in her most creative years. But she is still writing new books as well. It just takes longer to write a new book, rather than to improve an already written book from her backlog.
She also writes in many genres, including: Historical and Contemporary Romance, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Modern Western, Fantasy, Ghost stories, Humor, and more.
For a full listing, check out the back pages of one of her current year’s books.

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