Ancient Love

A Dark Suspenseful Ghost Thriller
With a Romantic Ending

Why does Alice keep dying right before her 39th birthday?

The simple answer:
King Edward died long ago, but his evil spirit remains. As a ghost, there is limited harm he can do, but he discovers there are dark and evil men whom he can incite to do what he no longer can. They don’t even realize he is controlling them, since they have always enjoyed killing people. He collects these men and sends the worst of that generation’s lot to Alise, the day before her 39th birthday. This will be the 19th time she dies, unless she can find a way to stop this madness.

Most of the time, the serial killer selected is a complete stranger.
This time, however, she has met the man before.

Alice has no idea that a deadly danger follows her through every life she lives. All she knows is for the first time in this life, she is happy and with purpose in a quaint museum located in an ancient castle. Only Rainier, a ghost from the past, knows the complete truth, and a curse prevents him from warning her of the dangers that will end her life, as it has ended all her lives before. But this time, a man of his bloodline has entered the battle, so Rainier is not alone in his fight to keep Alice alive and well from the demon of their past.
An intriguing tale that pits everlasting love against a deadly curse that has followed the heroine through all her lives. A ghost from her past and a good man in her current life risk everything to keep her alive.

Running to the basement, she hid beneath the stairs, turned on the pinlight and searched for anyplace a former her might have hidden a clue. Finding a loose plank of wood, she gave it a strong tug. To her shock, the edge of a paper dropped down so its corner was visible. She had just eased it from its hiding place when the door above opened. Quickly, she turned off the light.
Whoever stood above her on the steps remained perfectly quiet, listening…
Her heart beat so loud she was certain he’d hear it, but after what seemed a lifetime, he closed the door and bolted it shut. He must have decided to search the remainder of the building before returning to search the basement. She smiled with relief. It gave her time to learn the incantation and time to find somewhere to hide.
Carefully, Alice made her way back to her bridal bed tucked away in the far corner of the room. She crawled onto the bed and opened the paper. By the light of her flashlight she silently read the simple lines.
From immortality to mortal
From past to present
I release you of your binding words
And set you free

That was it? Those words would set matters right?
A feeling of anguish surrounded her. No…those words would send Rainier away from her forever. Why would she do this? Why would she send away the only one who has ever loved her, away for all eternity?
She pulled Alicia’s note from her pocket and reread it.
On September 24th someone will try to kill you. And unless you force yourself to remember the past, they will succeed. If you cannot save yourself, there is an incantation hidden beneath the bottom step in the basement that might put an end to this madness once and for all. Do this for all those who come after you…Do this for Rainier!
Alicia didn’t give her the incantation to save herself, but to save Rainier. To save herself, she must remember the past. But what in her past was she not remembering? Rainier would complain of her memory, but he’d never tell her what she had forgotten. If there was something she needed to remember to survive, why the hell wouldn’t he just tell her?
She had thought several times he was going to do just that, but when he opened his mouth he’d disappear. Was it possible that he couldn’t tell her? That to even try caused him to be sent away?

About the Author
Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

(There’s over 38 now)
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