Coming to Reason

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Carrie Hanson has fallen completely in love with 
Trent Lancaster.
Right from the start of this book, 
warning bells are ringing in the reader's ears.
Something has gone very wrong.
Only Carrie can't hear them 
at first.

Life Lesson:
People do not fundamentally change.
They may behave when they have incentive to do so,
But they are who they are.

Can Trent pull himself up or will he crash and burn?
There are two men waiting for their chance with Carrie. 
Who will win out?
 Her new boss, Dan?
Or her seductive instructor, Ian?

And let's not forget:
Sam, the cranky driver

Mars, the butler

I've thrown a ton of men in her direction. Which one will she settle upon in the final book, Coming to Reason?

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Liza explains why she had to break Carrie & Trent up

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  1. cant wait till this is out,sounds really great

  2. my last long relationship ended that way with no explanation and never got 1

  3. Only back in high school and what relationship didn't explode back then, since that I have always done the exploding and some of the guys had been very surprised

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing which one she chooses. Thanks for sharing :)
    I've tried to post already but don't see it so may show my name 2x's.

  5. I haven't had it happen to me but I have done it unfortunately. I am not a fan of conflict so I was always kind of a coward when it came to breaking up.

  6. Umm, does it count if I was the 'exploder' and he was clueless?? :-)

  7. no, saw this coming a mile away but it still was painful and horrible.

  8. I absolutely have!! I met a nice guy on once and we got along great. I went on to close my account thinking we were in a dating relationship and saw that he was still talking to other women. Stupid me!! lol

  9. Pinned your comp at:

  10. Yes, I have and still don't know what happened.

  11. My first boyfriend broke up with me by telling me he was marrying someone else.

    1. Be glad he chose the other one. Clearly, he's a jerk. Who dates two women at the same time?

  12. this sounds so good! love it! fantastic post. and no, not really.

  13. Absolutely fantastic! I laughed at your guest post on TF Walsh's site and I'm still grinning.


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