Slammed (Davy's Saga bk 1)


Davy Hill goes from obscurity to fame by riding the rankest bull alive. Coming from a life of poverty, the young cowboy expects his life to change for the better now that he’s a successful professional bull-rider. Yet, with every occurrence of good luck comes an equal dose of bad. He suffers a potentially career-ending injury, a string of betrayals, and much worse. Despite all the brutal slams he takes, he keeps getting up, because he’s a bull-rider and they never give up.


“Hey Davy, we’re drinking up your prize money and you haven’t had a single beer yet,” Derrin Campbell warned before he stepped through the beat-up door labeled Cowboys.

That comment got Davy’s attention. Given he just spent his last quarter on that aggravating phone call, he hoped to God no one was drinking on a tab they expected him to pay.

Before he returned to the raucous of young bull riders and more pretty cowgirls than he’d ever seen in one place, he stopped off at the bar.

The bartender smiled at him. “You guys need another round already?”

“Actually, I wanted to ask you who is paying for this tab.”

The smile disappeared from the bartender’s face and his eyes narrowed. “You’re Davy Hill, right?”

Davy nodded.

The bartender leaned into the bar and motioned for him to come closer. Davy did. The bartender pointed to a man almost the height of the door and weighing at least three hundred pounds. “That’s Samson. If you try to skip out and not pay this bill, he’ll rip you in two and you’ll never ride bulls again.”

The bouncer looked like he could do it, too. How the hell could the best day of his life go this bad so quickly? “Look, I’m not trying to skip out, but I didn’t ask you to start a tab. The truth is I don’t got a cent to my name.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. You won two hundred thousand tonight.”

“They let me hold a giant cardboard check for the camera, but I don’t get the real money until tomorrow.”

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